Take Your Fitness Training
To The Next Level

Are you not getting results you want? Have you tried other training platforms and they just didn’t work out? Are you tired of working out on a platforms with a preset training videos?  We hear you, this is why here at AMV Fitness we have decided to use a hybrid approach  for our clients. 

By combining technology and support from a fully qualified personal trainer you can achieve results you are looking for.  The training programs you get are built from ground up by a professional trainer and monitored both by the trainer and our application algorithms throughout your training term.  This way you can get the results you always dreamed of.

Workout Schedule
Customised Training
Each person is different. This is why each of our clients gets a completely unique training, built from the ground up to achieve their desired goals in specified timeframe.
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Exercise Videos
Video Exercises
Your training program is comprised of number of exercises, each exercise is demonstrated by a professional trainer with tips on how to do an exercise. If we don't have an exercise our trainer will record an exercise for you and assign it to your program.
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Body Metrics
Body Metrics
Track, monitor, and analyze any kind of metrics, such as body fat %, weight, or waist measurements.
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Exercise History
Exercise History
Track, monitor, and analyze any kind of metrics, such as body fat %, weight, or waist measurements.
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Progress Photos
Progress Photos
The scale only tells half the story. With constant progress photos you can see how your body changes with the training.
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Comments & Messaging
Whether you are checking your form with your trainer to geting how-to tips and feedback, we've made it easy to share your photos, messages and videos in-app where it matters.
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Workout Feedback & Rating
Once you complete the workout you can leave a feedback about the workout so your trainer can adjust your future workouts accordingly.
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Achievements and Awards
Achievements & Awards
Personal bests, workout streaks, and more. Keep yourself motivated with achievements and & awards.
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Tough Training Is Nothing Without
Good Nutrition & Hydration

Take control of your nutrition and hydration with our in-app tracking, monitoring and recommendation system.  Visually understand how you are doing with both your nutrition and hydration.  The app engine helps you to measure your nutrition and micronutrients including water intake recommendations, recipes and much much more!

At the same time our inhouse trainer and nutritionist will monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to your nutrition and hydration, accompanied by regular check-ins to monitor your progress you are sure to lose that stubborn body fat.

Nutrition Tablet View
Glass of Water
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Holistic Health Coaching Made Easy With Integrations

Eliminate the need to toggle between multiple fitness apps by integrating Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, FitBit and Google Fit into our platform to get a complete overview of your health and performance all in one app. 

By utilising data points built by our algorithms you can get a better understanding of your performance, goals, results, and much more!

Track Body Metrics

Track Your Body Metrics

Never Guess Your Progress Again

Using traditional methods such as a scale to measure your progress is fundamentally flawed. Your weight is combination of your body components, such as muscle, bone, water, fat, etc.

These factors can throw off scales and give you a skewed view of what you perceive as weight.

With our app you can view breakdown of your body metrics accurately projected in a chart format to help your track progress much more accurately.

Progress Photo

Progress Photo Check-in

See Your Shape Transform Before Your Eyes

Whilst monitoring your body metrics is great to check your progress, your body is the most important measurement tool.

If you feel good in your own skin then this is best indicator of progress, however our system takes a step further.

By taking periodic photos of your body transformation, you can see how your body changes over time and understand that the effort has not been wasted.
Assign any Custom Task New

Complete Your Tasks

If You Want Results You Need To Commit

"Nothing worth having comes easy." At least that is how the saying goes. With our training program there may be some homework assigned to you as part of your transformation.

Don't worry it will be easy to do, but it will greatly improve your chances of succeeding and achieving your results.

We will use variety of methods including documents; such as PDFs, video calls, forms or simple tasks you can do on our platform.
Girl Jumping 2
Tracking Habits

Track Your Habits

Small Steps Create BIG Results

Your habits consist of healthy and repetitive routines performed consistently over long period of time.

A lot of people struggle keeping up with their habits, hence why our app comes with a reminder system that will keep you accountable and establish those habits as part of your healthy routine.

Over time these routines will become healthy habits aiding your transformation and life long results.
Drink Water

Sleep & Water Intake Tracking

Hydration and Rest

A lot of programs focus on training and nutrition, however they neglect some of the most important factors in body transformation.

Sleep and hydration is key to healthy body and mind. Your body is around 60% water, without hydration your will stifle your progress, your sleep is imperative to recovery and thus results.

We make it easy to track both of these factors with our tracking, recommendation, monitoring and notification system.
Steps Tracking

Get Your Steps In

If You Want Results You Need To Commit

You need to do at least 3000 steps every day for a healthy lifestyle. If you are tracking your daily steps and activity then you are in luck.

Our system integrates with some of the most popular step tracking systems in the world, allowing you to sync and view your progress from one platform.

Combine your steps with other aspects of our platform and you can get an idea of your overall performance.


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6 Monthly Rolling Subscription
£ 99* Monthly

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