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Hello, I am AnaMaria...

"Turning busy mums into super fit mums. Let's book you into a FREE Personalised Analysis and have a chat to see how I can help, no obligations"

Over the past 5 years I have transformed lifestyles of numerous mums and turned them into independent super fit mums ready to take on the world through my custom mum lifestyle transformation programme.

From the first FREE consultation to the point where mums no longer need my support, are fully independent and self accountable, only then do I know I have succeeded in transforming my client's life.

Each of my clients is treated as an individual with customised fit mum training, fit mum nutrition, fit mum lifestyle changes and full client accountability and support to match, all of which is included as part of my mum's lifestyle transformation programme to transition you into a fit mum too.

Using my fit mums programme I have trained clients with injuries, surgeries, short term fitness goals (prep for a movie roles, weddings, holidays, etc.), pre and post pregnancy, post partum and much much more.

Having gone through difficult birth myself, I can identify with lots of my clients and their struggles, hence why I am placed in a unique position where I can draw from my own experience as a mum and a lifestyle transformation coach to give my clients best service and outcomes possible.

As your Personal Lifestyle Transformation Coach
I'll do the same for you

Fit Mums and Mum Fitness

A full lifestyle audit to shape your personalised plan

I conduct a full audit of your lifestyle with you to understand your unique needs, challenges, motivations and goals. I examine over 50 data points, including your sleep, stress, health status, exercise history, dietary preferences and more, to build up a detailed picture of your training, nutrition and lifestyle. This helps me to lay the foundations for the most efficient and effective body transformation possible to help you achieve your goals.
Lifestyle Audit 2

A results-focused online personal training program tailored to you

I create an online personalised training program designed around you and your goals to achieve the specific result you want. I assess everything – from your training history and current fitness levels, to your movement patterns and unique biomechanics – to create the ideal training program and exercise selection to accomplish your goals.

A bespoke diet plan designed specifically for your body

I know that finding a diet you enjoya and that works for your body is the biggest hurdle most people face to lasting success. So, I will create a comprehensive diet plan designed around your specific needs, preferences and goals that is sustainable and delivers real results. Your diet plan is built on proven nutrition principles and is macronutrient calculated with precision and tailored to you as an individual to fit your lifestyle.
Nutrition and Diet

Accountability & Support

As my online training client you will have unlimited access to instant messaging support with me. The cornerstones of this include weekly check-ins, progress photos all on my AMV Fitness app (available on apps store and play store) which contains recipes, workouts, and the capability to track every metric of health, performance and progress imaginable. No to mention the app can be synchronised with most popular smartwatches to keep you on track.

Let's Book You In For Your Personalised Analysis

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