bulk Recovery Shake

about the product:

A comprehensive formula designed to help you recover faster from intense training and exercise, providing a heavy hit of whey protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, HMB, electrolytes and vitamins in a single serving.

We designed our Recovery Shake™ to live up to its name. Specifically designed as a post-workout supplement, it contains everything your body needs to repair and recover after an intensive workout session, meaning you can train harder, more often, and move forward faster.

Each 100g serving of Recovery Shake™ contains a potent blend of whey protein, fast absorbing carbohydrates, leucine, L-glutamine, electrolytes, HMB and tart cherry extract, as well as vitamins C and B6 to provide a comprehensive workout recovery formula that contributes to growth of muscle mass, normal immune system function, energy yielding metabolism, cell protection from oxidative stress, and reduced tiredness and fatigue.


Vitamin Profile per Serving
Mineral Profile per Serving

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