A Guide to Processed Foods

Poor, Fine, Good, Better, Best What do bagged spinach, canned tuna, olive oil, granola bars and frozen  burritos have in common?  They all are processed foods. Yet, we have been flooded/overloaded with  warnings about  the  harmful  effects  of eating  processed foods. In fact, these foods have been blamed for our nation’s (being very overweight) widespread disease, high blood pressure rates and the rise of type 2 (disease where blood sugar swings wildly).  Based on the examples above, however, you can  see that processed foods are more than packaged ramen noodles,  potato chips and drive-thru chicken nuggets. This article helps you tell/show the difference between the processed foods you should be careful  of  and  those that can play a role in a balanced, healthy diet. What is Processed Food? Processed foods include any food that has been (in a carefully-planned way) changed in some way before consumption. Examples of processing include foods that are cooked, canned, frozen, packaged or changed in (related to vitamins, protein, etc., […]