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One of the most popular supplements around, providing a massive 810mg dose of a proprietary zinc and magnesium formula with additional vitamin B6 to support you on your journey.

ZMA® is a patent protected formula of zinc, magnesium and B6 developed by SNAC Systems, Inc. It’s the only zinc-magnesium supplement that’s backed up by published research. Taken regularly, it helps to maintain normal test levels in the blood*

Our ZMA® Capsules are manufactured through a proprietary process using highly bioavailable forms of zinc and magnesium, including zinc L-monomethionine. Each capsule provides an incredible 810mg of SNAC Systems, Inc.’s zinc-magnesium formula, with additional vitamin B6 to support protein and energy-yielding metabolism.

Our ZMA® Capsules are ideal for anyone looking to supplement their regular diet with zinc and magnesium to ensure they’re getting the nutrition they need. They’re best taken 30-60 minutes before bed to support normal test levels.


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