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The ultimate omega 3 fish oil supplement from bulk™, providing an incredible 3300mg of omega 3 fish oil in a single dose, including 1080mg of EPA and 720mg of DHA, plus 3000iu of vitamin D3 and 300µg of natural astaxanthin. Lab tested for banned substances and approved for elite athletes. If you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back*.

We wanted to create the best omega 3 fish oil supplement possible. So we did. Prom3ga™ is loaded with market leading dosages of high quality fish oil, including EPA and DHA. Not only that, it’s manufactured under the PureMax™ proprietary process, ensuring safety, high purity, potency, quality and responsible sourcing. That means Prom3ga™ contains exceptionally low levels of impurities or contaminants, giving you the best fish oil possible. Prom3ga™ is also certified by Friend of the Sea© to ensure responsible sourcing, sustainability and traceability all through the supply chain.

Prom3ga™ is the market leading fish oil supplement. Each dose provides over 3300mg of omega 3 fish oil, combined with 3000iu of vitamin D3 and 300µg of natural astaxanthin for optimal nutritional uptake. The result is a powerful nutritional combination that supports normal heart function**, muscle function***, bone health**** and immune system function*****.

As part of our bulk™ PRO series of supplements, Prom3ga™ is designed for professional athletes and serious trainers, particularly those who want to obtain optimum omega 3 fish oil and vitamin D as part of their nutritional intake. It’s produced to the highest standards using ingredients from industry-leading manufacturers, and every batch is tested for banned substances in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory under the renowned Informed Sport programme. We also test every batch with a separate independent laboratory to verify its nutritional content, paying close attention to protein levels. If a batch doesn’t meet our rigorous standards, we reject it.


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