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For anyone looking to increase growth compound levels such as Testosterone, then look no further. Testo 250 is natural herb extract of the strongest Bulgarian “super” Tribulus Terrestris, with extremely high saponins levels. This is the strongest Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris you can get from a very particular crop grown in an exclusive region – hence the sheer strength and uniqueness of it.

Testo 250 is an easy to take Pharma Grade Testosterone booster from a very particular crop, harvested at a specific time of year and it will naturally and dramatically increase Testosterone levels; a hormone essential for building muscle mass, maintaining muscle size, increasing stamina and strength.

Athletes and bodybuilders are especially attracted to the muscle-building properties of this incredible Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract due to its potency. THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS SUPPLEMENT. LA Muscle’s Testo 250 is at Pharma Grade, making it the strongest legal Tribulus Terrestris extract you can buy. Accept no copies or substitutes and remember that Testo 250 is from a hard to come by crop from a special region.


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