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Our hugely popular Pure Whey Protein™ formula, with all natural flavouring, colouring and sweetener, for trainers who want pure nutrition with no artificial additives. Provides over 22g of protein per 30g serving with minimal carbs.

Our Pure Whey Protein™ is one of our most popular products, but some trainers prefer to keep their nutritional intake as natural as possible, so we created this: Natural Pure Whey Protein™. It offers the same amazing protein content as the original formula, but it’s naturally sweetened with premium quality stevia to provide a sweet taste with no difficult to pronounce ingredients.

Like our original formula, Natural Pure Whey Protein™ uses high quality, premium whey protein sourced from the milk of grass-fed, European cows, making it ideal for anyone starting out on their training journey, or any regular trainer looking to pack in the protein. And like the original, it also contains important amino acids like glutamine and BCAAs. It can also be used to add to smoothies or added to home baking mixes.


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