bulk Pea Protein Isolate

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A highly soluble, premium quality pea protein shake. Contains an incredible 80% protein content, providing 24g of protein in a single 30g serving.

If you’re on a vegan diet and struggling to maintain your protein intake, then our Pea Protein Isolate is what you need. We put in the work to make this isolate powder as soluble and protein-rich as possible, so you can pack in the protein in an animal-friendly way.

We tested numerous samples while creating this formula, and eventually settled on yellow peas, which offer the best flavour, solubility and quality without sacrificing protein content. The result is a vegan and vegetarian friendly protein isolate that gives you 80% protein content at an unbeatable price.

Our Pea Protein Isolate is perfect for athletes and trainers on vegan diets or with other dietary restrictions who want a straightforward way to up their daily protein intake. By enjoying it as part of a healthy, varied and balanced diet, you can stick to your dietary plan without sacrificing your protein intake.


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