Your Goals & Actions Questionnaire


The information you put in your questionnaire varies from person to person.  You need to be brutally honest in your answers and not try to hide any facts from your trainer as this will impact your overall results. 

We like to recommend to our clients to envision themselves what they are realistically able to achieve over a specific period.  A good method to use would be a SMART methodology and apply it to each of your goals:

  • Specific – Ensure that your goal is as specific as possible.
  • Measurable – Can your goals be measured in some way?
  • Achievable – Can your goal realistically be achieved in set amount of time based on your current lifestyle, responsibilities, work, etc.?
  • Realistic – Based on your goal, how realistic is it for you to achieve this given that you will now have support from your coach.
  • Time Bound – For each timeframe (3 months, 6 months, a year)  will you be able to hit your desired target at each of these stages? 

An example of a 3 month goal would be: 

I would like to lose 5 kg of body fat over the next 3 months to fit in my old clothes and be ready for summer holidays.  My current weight is 75 kg, and I am 5ft 5″.  I have struggled to get the weight off for 4 years since giving birth. Before my first child I was around 50kg, I have pretty busy lifestyle working from home and taking care of 2 kids whilst my husband is at work, I  can only work out 3 times a week for about 45 minutes each day when my husband is taking care of the children on his lunch break.  

I have a tendency to snack daily since working from home and this usually consists of 2 packets of Walkers crisps, 4 cups of tea and about half a pack of McVities biscuits with my teas.  I don’t usually have breakfast, I eat a sandwich with juice for lunch and we have a family dinner in the evening, type of food varies each day.  Usually we get a takeaway like a Curry or Chinese, but on sunday I sometimes cook a sunday roast for the family.

As you can see from above example, the answer focuses on both your goals/targets, timeframe, reasons why, your history,  your availability, your responsibilities, your lifestyle, your current and historic stats and your nutrition.

This will allow your coach to get a better feel for you as a person and be able to provide your better training around your schedule.

After you fill in the questionnaire and submit your answers, our fitness and nutrition experts  will assess your answers and match you to an  appropriate and custom training and nutrition plan.

In rare cases there maybe instances where you would not fit our criteria and may need specialist trainer to undertake your training. 

We will let you know if this is the case.  However, we pride ourselves in providing high quality training, as a result we can only take specific amount of clients each year in order to maintain the high quality of training and dedication to each client.

Once we have completed your outline training and nutrition plan, we will go through it with you on our follow up call which would have been scheduled with you when you initially spoke with our coach.

Please ensure that you are available on the date/time agreed for around an hour, so it gives you an opportunity to understand what your training will entail.

As a registered member of ICO, we take our client’s information confidentiality extremely seriously.  We will never share or use client’s details without their expressed consent with anyone outside of our organisation.

This is very subjective question, and is heavily linked to your dedication on following the programme and advice of your coach.   

However, our previous clients who have strictly followed the programme  have shown that when working out at least 3 days a week for an hour each day have been able to achieve fat loss (please do not confuse weight loss with fat loss as these are completely different and non-interchangeable terms that are often confused) of approximately 1-2lb a week.

This is also combined with a healthy and structured nutrition and appropriate daily water intake.

You also need to bare in mind that every person’s physiology is different and their response to training and nutrition. 

As an example;

  • If you are under stress, cortisol (stress hormone) in your body will have an impact on your fat loss.
  • It is similar if you are not getting enough sleep, your body will not be able to recover and can increase your cortisol levels.  Which again will impact the results you get.

This is one of the most asked questions we get next to why don’t you publish your prices online?

The answer to this is because every customer is different and the training is built from scratch for every customer.

With so many variations it would be impossible to list all the prices online.

For this reason we will create your bespoke programme and speak to you regarding the costs associated with your specific programme.  This also includes any specific payment plans, etc.

Once you speak with your coach (on the follow up call, after you complete this form) they will be able to run you through your training and costs.