AnaMaria – Founder & Lifestyle Fitness Coach

As a child I was diagnosed with a heart condition which meant I had to stay fit, sports became my passion and as an adult I yearned to help others discover how to get ‘Fit for Life‘ without killing themselves in the gym or depressing themselves on ‘rabbit food’ diets.

With over 15 years in Sport & Fitness industry and the highest level of qualifications as a personal trainer I have the knowledge on how human body operates, how to maximize the use of each muscle (even ones you didn’t know existed), and how to fuel your body optimally, which means I provide personalized approach for each of my clients.

Whatever your lifestyle, I can provide for you the perfect bespoke programme of personal training and nutrition developed to suit your needs.

I love helping people achieve their dreams – Your Goal is my Goal!

My approach is simple, yet detailed and precise. during our introduction session, we will establish your needs and limitations and will take body measurements, posture analysis and blood pressure readings.

I can then learn about your lifestyle and nutritional habits, this enables me to create for you the ultimate training programme tailored specifically to your needs and personally manage your development.

All of my programmes and exercises are designed so that you will have correct posture and technique, any existing injuries or weak points are incorporated.




One to One Coaching

Dedicated coach to mentor you through to achieving and exceeding your goals. Time to get your beach body ready for the Summer.

Nutrition Coaching

Achieve your results even faster with unique nutrition mapping and planning.Remember, what you put in that is what you will get out.

Body Composition

Monitor your progress through advanced body composition mapping and tracking throughout your training.

Group Training

Achieve your goals as a group and make a saving too, great for families, friends or just to meet new motivation partners.

Lifestyle Change

Get results not just for few months, but for a lifetime with guide developed specifically for you, your body and your mind.

Body Alignment

Each body develops differently, our coach specializes in improving your body balance to give you all around stability, reduce pain and improved development.



1 Waterview Dr, London, SE10 0TW